Strengthening Self-Control in Children

Description: This course focuses on understanding the neurological effects of stress and insecurity on young children's brain development behaviors. The primary goal is to expand adult's abilities to create and sustain environments that can strengthen young children's developent of self control.

Objectives: Participants will gain understandings of:
  • Our own experiencea and the beliefs that evolved.
  • Childhood changed.
  • Failed opportunities to attach and the development of the pre-frontal cortex.
  • Stressful effects of living in poverty and in a turbulent world.
  • Traumatic Experiences
  • Effects of stress and helplessness on the brain development of young children.
  • Brain stem and mid brain.
  • Limbic system
  • Neo-cortex
  • Observable behavioral cues indicating state of mind of others.
  • Our response choices to children operating out of brain stem and/or limbic system.
  • Care center or classroom strategies for creating environments that enhance the development of self regulation.
  • Specific responses to aggressive children.
  • Strategies for transforming the helplessness and hopelessness under their anger.

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