William Steele, Director
The National Institute for Trauma & Loss in Children
“An ‘aroused’ child, a child in distress, will experience problems with attending, focusing, retaining, and recalling information – all critical functions. Oehlberg’s book provides a wealth of activities that can actually reduce arousal/anxiety in children, which research has clearly shown can lead to healthier cognitive functions as well as behavioral stability. This should be a mandated resource for all schools.”
Martha de Acosta, Director
Milton S. Eisenhower Foundation
“Links sound neurological research with practical activities for educators and youth workers.”
Stephen Canneto, Director
Art for a Child’s Safe America Foundation
“With the wisdom in this important work, we can help our children develop new strategies for successful living in a stressful world.”
Susan Ross, Coordinator of Health Services
Canton City Schools
“Offers those of us who interact with students an opportunity to respond with sensitivity and reflective action. Barbara Oehlberg not only identifies the issues, but also provides activities that can help us gain greater insight into the child’s world and provides opportunities for empowerment and healing.”
Carole A. Pore
Retired Family & Consumer Sciences Teacher and Coordinator,
Teen Pregnancy/Parenting Program
“Barbara’s background information on traumatized children and her research on brain development were of vital importance to me in understanding the student population which I served. Being able to touch the next generation by sharing her insights with my teen parents was a double benefit. Barbara’s tireless work as a child advocate has been most inspirational to me!”
Jennifer Batton,
Education Director Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution
“Barbara Oehlberg is a sought-after Ohio thinker, speaker and teacher and is a trauma specialist who has written about and studied the effects of trauma on children ... In her presentations she addresses the sources of trauma, as well as bullying and coping mechanisms for parents and professionals ... In light of the dramatic increase in the number of children who are bringing experiences of loss and trauma into school and the research that indicates that such experiences can cause altered brain development and impair problem-solving skills when a student is in a state of anxiety, her presentations focus on the causes of aggressive behaviors. The educational implications, the signs of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), neurobiological changes, issues and experiences that compound loss, separation and the healing process for children are (all) reviewed.”
Harry C. Frisby, Jr., Supervisor Security Services
Cincinnati Public Schools
“Your presentation, ‘Reaching and Teaching Students Living in A Stressful World,’ was very much appreciated and pertinent to the job our Security Assistants are responsible for handling ... Your information will add to their ability to perform their job better ... (They) left feeling they gained additional insight. I look forward to continuing to work with you and the Center for Peace Education as we strive to make the Security Assistants better prepared employees.”
Tanya Batte
Program/Training Manager
Center for Peace Education, Cincinnati, Ohio
“...Such a powerful, informative and useful workshop, that provided an understanding and appreciation for the difficulties of child development, especially in these troubled times of child killings, violence and loss (divorce, unattached parents, etc.) in children’s lives ... Because of the significance of your message, I will be working to find ways to bring you back to present this information to as many school teachers and parents as possible.”
Jean M. Wittrock,
Curriculum Consultant
Portage County Educational Service Center
“Your presentation to teachers was valuable. I received emails and notes (below) to confirm how informative you were and the importance of everyone hearing your message. We are very grateful that you could be a part of the day and hope that you would be willing to come back again to support our professional development efforts.”
Portage County, Ohio
“I attended the bullying session conducted by Barbara E. Oehlberg. She was phenomenal! It would be wonderful to have her speak to the entire Crestwood staff, as well as parents and other community members. I’m so glad I selected this breakout session.”
Portage County, Ohio
“This session makes me rethink my response to difficult behavior. I really liked all the information given at this inservice. It was great!”
Portage County, Ohio
“Barbara Oehlberg, presenter on Bullying, was WONDERFUL! We need her back to speak to parents and staff."

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